It’s been a year and half since the workplace has fundamentally changed. Employees at every level are changing their understanding of what their workplaces can and should be.

Remote work has become part of our ‘new normal’. While employees were isolated from their colleagues, they got to spend more time with their families. While demands on workers’ time increased, so did their ability to fit those demands into personal priorities like childcare, eldercare and remote schooling for children.


Employees are now used to remote work – and we have found that they like it. It offers more flexibility, more time, and for many employees, more money, as they are able to save on parking, gas, and potentially housing.


As the pandemic eases in Canada, employers are now considering a return to work – a return to normal. But the old normal isn’t coming back. Employee expectations have changed, and as the economy fully recovers, they have the leverage to demand what they want.


In this new normal, are you ready to compete for talent?

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