In an effort to stay competitive and recruit top talent in the digital era, companies are implementing new technologies at scale, automating legacy processes, and digitizing customer – and employee – interfaces.


In this new issue of HR 2025, Mercer experts examine the challenges new developments such as these pose for HR leaders around the world, and how HR can help build a workforce for the future.


We bring you insights on the factors shaping the workplace – from the push towards mass customization to data-based predictions – drawn from Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Study of more than 7,300 voices globally, and we explore what HR can do to harness these changes.


In an interview with Antonis Christidis and Sarah Charlesworth, from Mercer’s digital and technology practices, we shed light on how HR can boost its impact in a digital world, and explore some of the new technologies soon to be at HR’s fingertips. And in a sit down with talent strategy experts Jackson Kam and Ephraim Patrick, we hear the critical role HR plays in building a change-agile organization.


We also take a look at next-generation career frameworks and how they help HR build a visual guide to reskilling in an age of automation. We explore how organizations can shift the way they reward employees to drive retention, engagement and business performance. And from a communications and engagement perspective, Rhonda Newman and Patrick Hyland consider the implications of a multigenerational workforce on employee motivation, and what comes next after engagement.

Insights to Help You Build Your Workforce For The Future

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