What does Good Work look like?

The five issues that have inspired Good Work will feel very familiar to most companies: (1) volatility in wages and the cost of living; (2) divergence on the demand for flexibility; (3) silent pandemic in well-being; (4) an erosion of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) gains; (5) and the need for a reskilling revolution.


So how does Good Work propose to address these issues? The Good Work Alliance defines itself as a “global, cross-industry initiative for forward-thinking companies, with input from unions and independent experts, to leverage their individual and collective power towards building a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work.” Companies that have signed up to the charter are committing to minimum standards that extend beyond the walls of the organization around:

  • promoting fair pay and social justice
  • providing flexibility and protection
  • delivering on health and well-being
  • driving diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • fostering employability and learning culture