Focus on futures

Work together to ensure people thrive now and in the future



of executives agree that the purpose of an organization should extend beyond shareholder primacy


But only 35% of organizations are delivering on this today


of employees feel at risk of burn out this year


Sense with science

See ahead by augmenting AI with human intuition



Use of predictive analytics has quadrupled in 5 years (from 10% in 2016 to 39% today)


Just 15% of companies use metrics to make buy, build, borrow decisions


And only 43% use metrics to identify who is at risk of leaving


Race to reskill

Transform the workforce by reskilling for a new world economy


HR leaders’ #1 transformation challenge is workforce capability


According to executives, only 45% of the workforce is able to adapt to the new world of work


But 78% of employees say they are ready to learn new skills

Energize the experience

Inspire and invigorate people by redesigning their work experience


Just 4% of HR Teams believe they deliver an exemplary employee experience today

But 58% of companies are redesigning the organization to become more people-centric

Energized employees are 4x more likely to report a healthy, flexible and inclusive workplace


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