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Mindful of the human capital risks associated with constant change, organizations are realizing that people-centered transformation is the key to transferring the shockwaves of disruption into sparks of brilliance.

This year’s top trends

Unique for its multi-perspective approach, Mercer’s annual study gathers the views of over 7,300 business executives, HR leaders, and employees from around the world. In 2019, a staggering 73% of companies expect significant disruption, and 99% are taking action to prepare for the Future of Work.

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Aligning work to future value

Unlock growth in the new world of work by redesigning jobs and moving people to where future value will be created

Building brand resonance

Listen carefully and learn from data to create a brand proposition that attracts the talent you want

Curating the work experience

Make work simple, intuitive, and digitally enabled to help your people grow and thrive

Delivering talent-led change

Inspire a growth mindset by redesigning structures, workflows, and talent strategies around your people

Explore the findings

Across geographies and industries, this year’s findings highlight the importance of Connectivity in the Human Age. To find out more, click on one of the graphics below.

16 Geographies

Where are employees really thriving?

9 Industries

Which ones expect the most disruption?

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Join us to explore this year’s top trends and learn how high performing organizations are building their workforce for the future. In these live sessions, our experts from around the world will share global and regional findings, as well as provide practical advice on what employers can do today.

12 March 2019

US & Canada


2019 Canadian findings

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Our quirks, aspirations, and motivations shape how we like to work, and should take center stage as companies build their workforce for the future.
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Global President, Mercer Career

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