Future Workforce: Finding Excellence In The New Talent Ecosystem

Future Workforce: Finding Excellence In The New Talent Ecosystem

As the industry emerges from a painful downturn, analysts are looking ahead to see what’s next, how companies can thrive (or even survive) in a new lean environment, and who’ll drive their companies forward.

As always, people will be at the forefront of the future of oil and gas, but the talent market will be substantially different. Increasingly, temporary workers will gain ground on permanent employees and possibly even surpass them in some fields in the next five to 10 years as companies seek cost savings, and the new generation looks for greater flexibility and mobility.

Our latest thought paper, Future Workforce, part of Mercer’s Platform for Performance series, explains why preparing for, and succeeding in the future starts with fully understanding the primary forces of change and proactively developing a flexible workforce model based on the new talent ecosystem.

This paper outlines how to capitalize on the latest talent opportunity – a move to a contingent workforce – to create a mutually beneficial agreement between workers and companies, and drive future success.

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