Diversity & Inclusion: Measuring Gender Equality in the Workforce

Mercer is proud to support Women in Governance, an organization committed to creating gender parity in Canadian organizations. Mercer is a Women in Governance evaluation partner, where our expert consultants assess organizations which have applied for Parity Certification. Gender parity is a critical component of diversity and inclusion efforts, as organizations continue to benefit from greater representation of women in the workforce.

Diversity and inclusion is critical to driving success and building a workforce for the future. It impacts the way you, as employers and leaders, attract, retain and develop exemplary people. Diverse ideas, experiences, backgrounds and perspectives enrich every organization’s ability to innovate and thrive in an evolving competitive marketplace.

Our research indicates that inclusivity continues to improve business results worldwide, but equality is far from today’s reality. To be successful in the new economy, no business can afford to wait any longer to diversify their workforce. Building an inclusive workforce for the future requires:

  • Data and analytics that underlie and support all of the decisions being made to advance equality;
  • Courageous leadership at all levels of the organization committed to elevating minorities in the workplace;
  • Holistic coordination and linkages across all aspects of the change effort to ensure the organization accelerates progress.

The dialogue about workplace diversity continues to draw worldwide attention. Pay disparities, the valorization of minorities in the labour market, and the necessity of guaranteeing equal opportunities for all is at the forefront of the conversation. Mercer invests in understanding the value of diversity through our work on Diversity and Inclusion After Davos as well as When Women Thrive. Building an environment to support and nurture all people is more than a priority, it must be a business imperative.

In 2018, Mercer Canada was proudly recognized as a Parity Certified organization. Click here to learn more about Parity Certification and how your business can assess the real impact of policies, practices and programs on gender diversity.

Mercer believes in diversity and inclusion in everything we do, and we are proud to work with Women in Governance, our partners, and our people to continue to create lasting change for Canadian businesses.

Join us. Now is the time to ensure your organization is where diversity and inclusion flourish.

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