Building the Way to Total Health

Reduce the “Hidden” Costs of Absence and Boost Productivity.

It seems like everyone is stressed these days. Workers are losing sleep over finances. Record numbers are calling in sick. Mental health rates are skyrocketing. And company leaders are worried about rising benefits costs and the impact of possible cutbacks from provinces and territories. All of this points to caution ahead unless organizations decelerate the rise of two leading obstacles to growth — absenteeism and disability.



Wellness programs have shown to make a significant difference in productivity and even in financial markets. Companies with superior wellness programs have seen increased value in their stock as a result of improved workforce performance. Plus, of employers with a wellness program and that have measured its impact8:

  • More than half have benefited from a decrease in absenteeism
  • 63% are experiencing financial sustainability and growth
  • 66% reported increased productivity
  • 67% said their employees are more satisfied
Need A New Productivity Blueprint?


Diagnose Your Data
To successfully identify and diagnose the issues, and then determine the right solutions, ensure you are using reliable data to construct your plan.

Consider Best Practices for You
Is your health management program the best for your company and its unique business plan, goals, culture and talent management program?

Measure Your Progress
The right solution reveals proven ROI — not to mention an improvement in sales, morale, mental health, administration costs and more.

Keep Them at Work
Mercer’s Total Health Management approach can help promote a safe workspace and positive culture that will result in greater employee reliability and productivity. Equipped with a database of proven policies and programs for short-term disability, leaves of absence and accommodation, we can build and implement an innovative program that has helped our clients reduce claims duration and costs an average of 10%–15%.


Allow us to create the best tools, support and environment to manage and mitigate the costly health landscape. We’ll work to deliver measurable results that enhance not only your employees’ health and productivity, but the vitality of your entire organization. Contact us today.

Total Health Management Total Health Management

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