Diversity Efforts Not Improving Women’s Workforce Progress

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Well-intended Diversity Efforts Not Improving Women’s Progress

Women, who continue to be underrepresented at most levels in the workforce, are not progressing in their careers despite the past two decades of organizational efforts to achieve gender diversity and equality, according to new global research from Mercer, When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive. The research, which analyzed workforce data for more than 1.7 million employees in 28 countries, including more than 680,000 women, identifies what organizations can do to fully engage women in the workplace, ensure that diversity thrives, and achieve business success.

“While the diversity efforts of the past several decades have resulted in some improvements in women’s participation rates and career trajectories, our research shows that we’re still decades away from true gender equality — if we keep doing what we’re doing,” said Pat Milligan, President of Mercer’s North America Region. “It’s time to act differently to realize the benefit of their full participation and address the unique needs of female employees.”

Learn more about Mercer’s first-of-its-kind research on gender diversity.

To learn more about the findings of this research and download the report, visit http://www.mercer.com/services/talent/forecast/gender-diversity.html.