Patchwork of US Marriage Laws Burdens Businesses, Families

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Patchwork of US Marriage Laws Burdens Businesses, Families

For American businesses, inconsistent marriage laws impose a significant economic burden – specifically, a $1.3 billion annual cost. As marriage confers a host of legal and social privileges, the irregular landscape generates a host of administrative and compliance requirements for employers who must establish and maintain multiple benefits policies and HR-related systems that apply to same-sex couples who live under the patchwork quilt. A new report, The Cost of Inconsistency, from Marsh & McLennan Companies and its subsidiaries Mercer and Oliver Wyman, in partnership with Freedom to Marry and Out & Equal, shows how it is experienced by private-sector US businesses and families.

“Freedom to marry for same-sex couples has expanded to 33 states with recent actions by the Supreme Court, and could shortly expand to more,” says Katie Kopansky from Oliver Wyman. “But more than one-third of same-sex couples still reside in states where they are denied the freedom to marry. Recent rulings leave the question of national freedom to marry unsettled, and same-sex couples face unequal treatment depending on the state in which they live or work.”

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Download the full report, The Cost of Inconsistency.