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Mercer Global Pension Buyout Index

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The Mercer Global Pension Buyout Index allows you to monitor the general trend in the pricing of pension annuity transactions in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany. Mercer uses up-to-date pricing information from each country to estimate the cost of insuring a sample plan’s current retirees as a percentage of the equivalent estimated accounting liability. The information contained in this report is not based on information specific to your circumstances and approximations have been used. Past experience is no guarantee of future pricing and experience may vary for your plan.

The chart shows estimated annuity prices from insurers as a percentage of accounting liability in each of the five countries. For example, where a line is at the 113% level, this means that Mercer expects the average price of a pension annuity transaction for current retirees to be broadly 13% higher than the equivalent accounting liabilities. The solid index line shows the average price of pension annuity transactions as a percentage of accounting liability across the five locations and draws upon information such as each country’s market size.

To produce the estimates, pension liability has been measured according to local standards in each country. As an example, the cost of insuring pension liabilities in the UK is higher than in the US (relative to accounting liabilities) because UK pension liabilities are normally indexed for inflation which increases the liability durations and because insurance companies charge an additional premium to take on inflation risk. For The Netherlands the buyout price includes an estimate of the price of indexation at the same level as included in the corresponding DB accounting liability which reflects the expected discretionary indexation.

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To view information on the index for each geography visit the relevant website using the links below:

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Aart-Jan de Jong

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