Inside Employees' Minds: Transforming Employment Experience

Inside Employees’ Minds: The Transforming Employment Experience

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For years, the employee value proposition has been predicated on the notion that engaged, happy employees are more productive, committed and loyal. Today, however, this equation is changing. Mercer’s new Inside Employees’ Minds™ Survey of just over 1,000 Canadian workers finds an intriguing paradox: More than a third (35%) of Canadian workers are seriously considering leaving their organizations at the present time, and this includes many who are satisfied with their jobs, organizations, pay, benefits and other aspects of work.

Shifting workforce demographics are largely driving this “happy but leaving” trend. The younger generations — X, Y (millennials) and the incoming Z — now account for the majority share of the workforce, and these workers have decidedly different views and expectations about work compared with older colleagues.

For employers and employees alike, the challenge ahead will be two-fold:

  • Redefining commitment at work: The terms and the timing.
  • Transitioning to a more flexible value proposition that reflects the evolving world of work.

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