Mercer Webcast: Streamlined Longevity Agreements

  • RECORDED: 05 December 2016



    Canadians are living longer – and that’s a good thing. But living longer after retirement means that pensions are paid out for more years than they were in the past and more years than were anticipated when the pension plan was designed. Streamlined longevity insurance agreements can help DB plan sponsors with pension plans of all sizes to transfer longevity risk to an insurance company affordably, so they can focus on their core businesses and ensure pension security for their members.


    Attend Mercer Canada’s “Streamlined Longevity Agreements” webinar to learn more about a first-in-Canada streamlined longevity agreement and understand the innovation solutions available to pension plan sponsors of all sizes when it comes to mitigating risk. No longer just for large transactions, pension risk transfer and securing pension security for retirees is a viable solution for small, medium and large plans. This session will provide attendees with more information on pension risks, the global pension transfer market, innovative strategies to mitigate longevity risk, and how to strengthen your pension plan’s risk management strategy.


    This session is of interest to Finance professionals: DB Pension Trustees, Pension Managers, CFOs, Finance.


    Benoit Hudon, FSA, FCIA, Partner - Mercer 
    Manuel Monteiro, FSA, FCIA, CFA, Partner - Mercer 
    Bradley Baker, ASA, ACIA – Senior Actuary, Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited 


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    Monday, December 5, 2016
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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