Outsourcing Pension and Saving Governance: The Future of DC – Webcast

  • RECORDED: 20 November 2017



    DC plan sponsors are constantly seeking new ways to reduce costs, ease plan management responsibilities, and increase participation. This is often a challenge due to limited resources, lack of time, and limited expertise. Mercer’s inclusive delegated defined contribution plan is a valuable change from this status quo. It enables you to outsource day-to-day plan governance, so you can focus on your broader plan strategy.

    By attending this webinar, you’ll learn about new innovations for Canadian defined contribution plan sponsors, and hear about how you can benefit from outsourcing plan governance and an implemented consulting model.

    Find out about:

    • The current state of the DC landscape in Canada
    • Common challenges faced by DC plan sponsors
    • The advantages of delegation
    • How Mercer’s comprehensive delegated DC solution will achieve better outcomes for members

    Defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs, ease plan management responsibilities and improve participant outcomes. However, for many, this can be a challenge due to the lack of time, insufficient resources and limited expertise in regulations and DC plan management.  Find out how your company can benefit from an all-inclusive approach providing plan sponsors with the full suite of Mercer’s DC services — from portfolio management and investment selection, to vendor management and compliance, to plan design and fee benchmarking.


    Finance, Legal and HR Professionals involved in the management of defined contribution pension and savings plans.


    Head of DC and Financial Wellness, Mercer Canada

    Delegated DC Program Lead, Mercer Canada


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    Date: November 20th, 2017
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