What is Organizational Culture? And does it matter in Mergers & Acquisitions – Webcast

  • RECORDED: 15 November 2018



    Today’s global M&A environment is fast paced and complex. Investors have unprecedented access to capital, pushing up valuations. Winning bidders in this market are driven to optimistic operating assumptions, leaving little room for error. And shrewd dealmakers uncover in diligence what on the surface appear to be non-financial risks, like cultural misalignment, and are willing to walk away.

    This year, we gauged the pulse of 1,438 voices who told us culture, left to chance, will derail operational performance. Our researchers went deep inside these organizations to talk with employees, business leaders, HR professionals and M&A advisors about their experiences; we also considered how different age groups, geographic locations, industries, and company sizes influenced people’s views on culture.

    Culture is about the operating environment. It crystalizes what you do. Culture defines and allows you to effectively CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGIES and it CAN PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO ATTRACT AND ENGAGE the right TALENT.


    • Be among the first to receive key findings from 1,438 M&A professionals from 54 countries, who collectively worked on 4,000+ deals, and participated in our 2018 M&A Readiness Research™ series 3.0: Mitigating Culture Risk to Drive Deal Value.
    • Understand how cultural aspects can impact the success of M&A transactions
    • Learn how to plan for the cultural aspects of M&A with an easy to use 3-Step Approach

    HR Professionals, Business Leaders, Corporate Development/Strategy and Finance Executives.


    Mercer’s Mergers & Acquisitions
    Bart has over 24 years of experience as a human capital consultant in North America and Europe. In his 17 years with Mercer Bart fulfilled various leadership roles in Mercer’s M&A consulting business in Europe and North America, including in the Benelux and Canada and as global leader for the Energy industry.


    Mercer’s Talent Strategy
    Ilana has fifteen years of global management consulting and Human Capital experience, working with industry leaders across Canada, the US, Central Europe, and the UK. Ilana’s expertise spans all areas of human capital/business strategy, having led and delivered engagements in strategic change management, organizational culture, leader alignment, employee engagement, workforce transformation, and talent management.


    Mercer’s Mergers & Acquisitions
    Doug Johnson is a Partner and leader of our M&A Transaction Services business in Canada and US East. Doug has over 25 years of experience with Mercer as a consultant and business leader in Canada and the United States.


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