Is your organization protected from cyber security threats?

  • RECORDED: 17 December 2015


  • Overview

    Cyber risk is everyone’s concern. As cybercrime reaches disturbing levels, organizations everywhere need to understand the risks across the global landscape. As part of a comprehensive review of both internal operations and controls as well as those of third parties, you can protect your organization by establishing an effective cyber security program that is in line with best practices, as well as by understanding the types of questions to ask your own groups and third parties to ensure they are protected.

  • Why attend

    Our experts will share the latest insights that can help companies reduce the risk of becoming victims of financial loss, reputational damage, or data manipulation due to cyber breaches and hacks. Attend the webcast to gain the knowledge you need to establish an effective cyber security plan for your organization.

  • Who should attend?

    Cyber risk affects all employees. Examples of specific job titles that directly require this information include: organizational leaders (C-suite and directors) board members, operational managers, investment professionals, financial leaders, compliance staff, and due diligence specialists.

  • Speakers

    Gregg Sommer, Principal Mercer Sentinel, Denver, Colorado
    Freeman Wood, Partner Mercer Sentinel, Montreal, Canada

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  • Title: Recorded Webcast – Cyber Security Threats

  • Language: English

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