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Mercer’s Health Innovation Webinar

Mercer’s Health Innovation Webinar

Recorded: 28 November 2017

    • Mercer’s Health Innovation webinar will focus on how technology is increasingly being used to disrupt healthcare and fill in the gaps of a fragmented system to improve quality of care, create a better patient experience and reduce costs through creating efficiencies.

      The implications of such changes will be profound. For employers, it is critical to know what health problems their employee population is experiencing or at risk of developing before jumping on solutions. A strategic health management process starts with data collection, analysis and the right insight to develop and implement the right services and solutions, with the right partners.

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      Employers and employees are seeking control of their future health. Understanding the issues, seeking insights and building a health management strategy is a start. Thereafter, understanding your data to then help you in determining the vendor solutions available to best help employees be more productive, healthier, wealthier…happier.

      Employers can advance their knowledge on the many new services and solutions in the market and benefit from Mercer’s understanding and evaluation of the market options.

      Health strategies for the future should be built on a foundation of employee and group plan data, including employees’ interests, needs and behaviours. Analytics solutions that identify employees’ health problems, make market comparisons, and interpret and predict health outcomes can empower plan sponsors to anticipate and better manage health risks.

      Improving the return on investment and providing a better employment value proposition are the outcomes demanded by clients and their employees. A future focused health benefits strategy must address the specific healthcare needs/risks of their employees. It is becoming one of the top priorities of CHROs.

    • This interactive webinar is intended for HR professionals interested in health innovation to discuss future trends in healthcare.

    • Fatima Di Biase, Health Innovation Leader, Mercer Canada
      Michele Boisvert, Analytics Leaders, Mercer Canada
      3 Select Health Innovation Vendors will be showcased – one focused on wellbeing, another in the area of mental health and a third on sleep.

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      Date: November 28th, 2017
      Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (ET)


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