Why DC Plan Sponsors Need to Consider Broad Financial Wellness Needs and Other Issues for 2016

  • RECORDED: 24 February 2016


  • Key Message

    Is your DC Plan set to ensure better outcomes for its members? 

    Having a retirement focus for your DC Plan is not enough.

    A series of studies have shown that employees have a wide variety of issues facing them on the financial front. Retirement is one of those issues but for many employees this is not the most pressing issue. 

    We invite you to attend a webcast where we will discuss why you, as an employer may need to refocus your retirement plan for 2016 and consider broader financial wellness needs.  Mercer will share personas we have developed in actual client analysis to pinpoint challenges facing employees at different career stages, and possible approaches to improve financial wellness. We will consider issues such as:

    • Is your investment lineup working for your employees? 
    • Are the tools and resources offered to help employees address their financial needs actually understood and used?
    • Are you helping participants make better decisions at retirement?
  • Who Should Attend?

    Employers who are interested in assisting to meet the real needs of their employees and DC Plan Sponsors who want to understand issues that should be considered in 2016.

  • Speakers

    Oma Sharma, CFA, Partner
    Canada Defined Contribution Consulting Leader 

    Jillian Kennedy 
    Senior Investment Consultant 



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