2022 Theme: “Metamorphosis – redrawing the investments map together”


We do not live in the same world we did even twelve months ago. Shifting geopolitical arrangements, evolving monetary and economic policy, changing social dynamics, technological disruption and enhanced material risks from climate change are all having tangible real-world impacts. More than ever, understanding and incorporating these dynamics into portfolio construction will be critical to meeting long-term investment goals, with those able to adapt quickest having the best chance of success. Join senior investment peers from around the world at the Mercer Global Investment Forums 2022, Metamorphosis: re-drawing the investment map together, where we explore those key themes set to reshape markets and investment practices.


With the opportunity to attend in-person as well as virtually for the Europe and Asia Forums, asset owners and managers gather to discuss the evolution that define markets and investing for many years to come. Right now, you can already connect via our digital research platform - MercerInsight® Community – a free gateway to some of the very best research and insights in the industry.

A series of events around the globe for asset owners and managers

Each event offers a day of main sessions, breakout and keynote addresses, as well as hundreds of 40-minute separate virtual manager-led sessions to access the latest perspectives, new ideas, innovations and strategies.

Our 2022 Global Investment Forum Series is our most ambitious ever planned. We’re bringing back five live events, while also retaining our well-received innovations around virtual Learn, Share, Connect sessions and one-to-ones. The pace of change and innovation in the real economy and in the capital markets increase the value of our connecting together as a global investment community to help investors successfully address their most difficult investment challenges. We look forward to welcoming you in 2022.

- Rich Nuzum, President Wealth

Asset owners – why attend?


Connect with the community


Immerse yourself in main presentations and breakouts where you can learn from industry leaders and esteemed guests.


Gain insight from managers


Access hundreds of manager-led sessions on investment strategies, innovations and ideas to help with your investment decisions.


Free and easy to join


Complimentary registration for current and prospective Mercer clients to aid long-term decision-making in a rapidly evolving world.

Asset owner attendee profile1

Type of investor attendees

Type of investor attendees chart

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    This graph shows the types of asset owner who have attended Mercer’s Global Investment Forums between 2018 and 2020.

    Banks and insurance companies, 11%

    Corporates, 45%

    Endowements and foundations, 11%

    Government, local authorities, public and sovereign, 18%

    Other, 15%


Investor attendees total assets (USD)

Investor attendees total assets chart

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    This graph shows the total assets of asset owner who have attended Mercer’s Global Investment Forums between 2018 and 2020.

    50 to 99 million USD, 14%

    100 to 499 million USD, 27%

    500 to 999 million USD, 16%

    Greater than 1 billion USD, 43%


Asset managers – why attend?


Attend a manager briefing


In addition to the main presentations and breakout sessions, attend a manager briefing presented by the manager research team and the local business at each Forum.


Share your best thinking


Present your innovative ideas and investment strategies to asset owners and Mercer professionals in a 40-minute Learn, Share and Connect session.


Meet Mercer specialists


Schedule up to five 30-minute one-to-one conversations with Mercer consulting, manager research or investment solutions teams a across the globe.


Save USD 13,500 with asset manager global membership

  • Secure a seat at all five Forums
  • Flexibility to customize your spots (skip one Forum to double up on another)
  • Up to four Learn, Share, Connect sessions for the year
  • Up to five one-to-one sessions, also offered four times a year
  • Up to four additional virtual attendees in hybrid Forums (Europe and Asia)
  • Exclusive access to all session materials via the Forum Hub
  • Complimentary copy of the biennial Global Asset Manager Fee Survey
  • Complimentary copy of the annual Global Manager Search Trends Report


2021 Global Investment Forum Highlights


Europe 2021


Joanne Holden
Niall O’Sullivan


Europe 2021


Hill Gaston
Deborah Wardle


Europe 2021


Sylvia Pozezanac
Lord John Brown


United States GIF 2021


Pat Tomlinson
Melissa Swift


Canada 2021


Ravin Jesuthasan
Amy Richards


Asia 2021


Simon Coxeter
Fei Tan

Costs of attending the Forums


Asset owners:2


Asset managers3
Global membership package: $42,000 USD
Asia Pacific package: $12,000 USD to attend both Forums
Individual Forums, see below:















Members of some professional bodies may be able to claim continuing professional development credits for attending Mercer's Global Investment Forums

Connecting investors for richer insights


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Important notices


  1. Based on 2018-2020 attendance at Mercer’s Global Investment Forums 
  2. For the purposes of the Forum, an “asset owner” is a client or contact of Mercer who is an executive, board member or other key decision-maker of a retirement plan, wealth management firm, insurer, endowment, foundation, government agency or similar entity.
  3. Mercer's receipt of revenue from a Fund manager will not result in any preferential treatment by Mercer when evaluating or recommending managers, their affiliates, products or strategies.

Mercer accepts no responsibility for the views or opinions of the speakers or any other persons at the event.


Mercer reserves the right to make changes in the agenda or speaker roster at any time without prior notice.


Managers are limited to a maximum of three registrations per Forum. Each registration covers only one person.


Mercer has the right to decline any registrations received from competitors and other potential delegates that do not match the targeted audience.


By registering for the Mercer Global Investment Forum, consent is given to Mercer for its disclosure of your financial institution's name to third parties for conflict of interest disclosure purposes.


Cancellations must be communicated in writing to Maria Reyes. Cancellation request sent two months before the Forum will be refunded in full. Cancellation request sent one month before the Forum will be refunded in half (50%). Except as set forth above or in cases of Force Majeure or termination for breach, a refund is not allowed.