Mercer Canada | Group insurance: A Vision of the Future

Mercer Canada | Group insurance: A Vision of the Future

Group insurance plans: A vision of the future — Regina

21 June 2016  Canada, Regina

    • Numerous changes are expected in our society over the next few years, particularly as Generation-Y becomes an ever more present reality on the job market and starts moving into more influential positions. Many of these changes will have a noticeable impact on the workplace and will inevitably lead to a redefinition of the very meaning of work and employment.

      Join us in June for a Benefit Trends seminar in the city of your choice as we discuss the changes anticipated over the next few years in the world of employee benefits. We will touch on the latest trends in terms of designing plans for both active and retired employees, as well as the way such plans will be offered and promoted.

    • The seminar is designed for managers of employee benefit plans: Human Resource or Finance managers responsible for group benefits, accounting or compliance.

    • Ryan Duesing, Principal

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      Tuesday, June 21, 2016
      Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

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