Mercer Canada | Employee Financial Wellness – Vancouver, August 23

Take Action to Improve Employee Financial Wellness Event – August 23rd 2018, Vancouver

Mercer's Employee Financial Wellness Event – Vancouver, Canada

23 August 2018  Canada, Vancouver

    • Take Action to Improve Employee Financial Wellness

      Moving the Needle on Employee Financial Wellness - Vancouver

      Your Employees May Be Less Financially Secure Than You Think
      Your employees may be experiencing stress due to financial instability. Register for our webinar to discover what financial wellness means to your employees and what you can do to foster a more productive and engaged workforce.

      Join Mercer’s Jillian Kennedy, on August 23 to find out what financial wellness means to your employees and how you can act on the findings. You’ll learn what our Inside Employees’ Minds™ research reveals and discover our unique approach to financial wellness programs.

      In this webinar, called Moving the needle on employee financial wellness, you will gain insight into:

      • The financial challenges employees are facing
      • Key findings from Mercer’s Inside Employees’ Minds™ research
      • Our recommended approach to improving financial wellness in the workplace

      Learn how you can improve your business and your employees’ wellness.

    • This webinar is great for anyone who manages Employee Benefits, Employee Pensions and / or Employee Engagement Programs.

      Leader of Defined Contribution and Financial Wellness, Mercer Canada
      Jillian Kennedy is the leader of Defined Contribution and Financial Wellness for Mercer Canada. She is a member of the Canadian Wealth leadership team and works closely with Mercer’s Global leaders in support of defined contribution pension and savings plans for plan sponsors and plan members. Jillian has over 18 years of experience working with plan sponsors and members to achieve better outcomes in retirement savings.

    • Register for Mercer's Employee Financial Wellness Event – Vancouver
      Date:  August 23rd, 2018
      Location:  Vancouver (B.C.)
      Time:  7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (PT)