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At Mercer, our goal is to make retirement work for everyone — retirees, younger employees, and the organization. Currently, a combination of unintended consequences is casting a shadow over the entire retirement process.

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Defining the Problem

Employers with defined benefits plans are facing ever-growing risks, including low interest rates, market volatility, and longer life spans. Mercer Retirement Services can help organizations manage defined benefits risk to meet business objectives. We have expertise in:

  • Dynamic asset de-risking.
  • Proactive liability management.
  • Alternative pension financing.


Contributing to the Retirement Conundrum

Employees participating in defined contribution plans are responsible for saving for their own retirement. Unfortunately, many employees have not saved enough, so they’re working for longer and longer periods of time — locking younger employees out of promotions and advancement.

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Finding Retirement Solutions That Work

Mercer can help clients design and execute high-performance retirement programs. We’ll help manage risks related to both defined benefits and defined contribution plans. If necessary, we can design hybrid plans customized to your specific workforce.

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Mercer Retirement Solutions

Defined Benefits Pension Plans

Mercer can help defined benefits plans manage persistent risks, such as market volatility, uncertain liabilities, and pressure to reduce expense and contributions.

Anyone managing a defined benefits plan today faces persistent risks and evolving realities: market volatility, uncertain liabilities, shifting regulations, and pressure to reduce expenses and contributions. Succeeding in this landscape requires an agile strategy and process that can dynamically react to market conditions and seize opportunities while managing risk and expense.

Pension Risk Management

Mercer provides clients with a holistic approach to pension risk management — one that aligns strategy with the plan’s overall funding status.

Funding for pension plans has recently endured extreme fluctuations, which will likely continue in the near future. Although strong returns from equities and higher bond yields increase plan funding, they also provide an opportunity to develop and implement an effective risk management strategy.

Defined Contribution Plans

Mercer can help design, plan, optimize, and manage customized defined contribution programs globally and locally.

The yin and yang of defined contribution plans. For employers, defined contribution retirement plans represent freedom from financial volatility, traditional pension risk, market volatility, and long-term financial uncertainty; however, they also impose new risks and responsibilities on the employer. For employees, defined contributions offer individual control, greater flexibility, and, in an ideal world, access to institutionally priced investments.

Retirement Plan Administration

Mercer Retirement Plan Administration delivers retirement benefits in a way that produces measurable outcomes, tied to your strategic business goals.

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering health and retirement benefits that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation takes vigilance and expertise. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer allows your HR department to weather the changes while keeping your strategic mission on course.

Employee Financial Wellness

Mercer Financial Wellness programs help employees reduce financial worries while employers increase workforce engagement and productivity.

Employees facing fewer financial worries and distractions; employers benefitting from a more focused, engaged, and productive workforce — employee financial wellness programs can help employees find balance and control over their finances, now and throughout their lifetime. Raising the level of employees’ financial consciousness can reduce absenteeism and lower turnover rates while raising employee satisfaction and improving the employer brand.

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