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Mercer is a people business, and having colleagues with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and cultures brings a diversity of ideas that, in turn, helps us make brighter futures for everyone. Together, we can make a difference.
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Martine Ferland

Martine Ferland

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercer
Vice Chair, Marsh McLennan

Creating a culture of belonging

A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture makes us stronger as an organization, and improves the quality of our work.  According to data on client team effectiveness, diverse teams produce greater economic success for all.


By understanding,  valuing and leveraging the strengths of all colleagues, Mercer holds a differentiating advantage. Diverse teams generate richer discussions, more innovative ideas and bigger impact than teams where everyone is the same. Below are details about Mercer’s approach, strategy and actions, and commitments.

Our Inclusion and Diversity priorities

At Mercer we continue to create a culture of belonging where every colleague can bring their whole self to work and thrive at Mercer.


Representation: The diversity of our workforce reflects the communities where we live and work. 


Belonging: We are developing leaders, people managers and colleagues to be visible allies and sponsors for BIPOC Colleagues


Thriving: We are delivering equitable learning, development, promotions and rewards to all colleagues.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Charter comes to life in four ways

 How are we doing it

Listening better


We’ve created a series of listening sessions and colleague experience  surveys to better inform and drive our actions. We use these tools to increase awareness and understanding of differences across many diversity dimensions.


We launched our  Diversity Council. It includes elected and appointed colleagues representing a full spectrum of roles across our company.


The council’s purpose is to help define, align and promote I&D priorities to foster an inclusive workplace.



We continue building organizational capability to sustain an inclusive workplace.


All colleagues are required to attend learning sessions and to certify that they understand the concepts of  Unconscious Bias, Being an Ally and Respect At Work.


People Managers participate in additional forums to discuss creating and sustaining an inclusive culture.



Mercer has a longstanding practice of reviewing pay and promotion decisions to identify and mitigate bias. We are committed to expanding this focus to other core business practices and policies.


Mercer has a mix of regional and local mentorship programs to help elevate BIPOC colleagues through career sponsorship.


In the US & Canada, Mercer has 99 active regional and local Business Resource Groups that provide community, education and support to colleagues.

Leadership accountability


Business leaders of large organizations have multi-year goals to increase representation of BIPOC colleagues in critical roles.


Each leader has created a plan for the engagement, retention and development of BIPOC colleagues.


Mercer has instituted practices to attract and hire diverse talent.  We are de-biasing job postings and diversifying and  training hiring mangers and interview teams.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

Our BRGs are an integral part of Mercer’s ability to succeed on building a culture of belonging.


Made up of colleagues who voluntarily work together toward the purpose of helping Mercer achieve its diversity vision, each BRG plays a critical role in improving our firm’s culture and environment. Providing unique perspectives from across our organization, each BRG focuses on our abilities to hire, develop and retain the best talent; work with an increasingly diverse client base and connect to the increasingly diverse communities in which our colleagues and clients live and work. We currently have BRGs across Mercer from the following communities: Racial & Ethnic Diversity, Women, Rising Professionals Network, Access Abilities, and PRIDE.


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